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Culprit + Leftroom at Sonar

This monstrosity might be the ugliest poster I’ve ever intended to make, and I’m fond of it.

Culprit and Leftroom needed something very quickly for their quasi-bi-label-showcase at Barcelona’s Sonar festival.  It had to convey a whole heap of information, which usually dictates an ordered, organized, and sober look.  But sometimes you just have to do the exact opposite of what is supposed to happen, and see how it turns out.  I’d like to think this has the uncultured look of an ad for some kind of raunchy semi-nude Caribbean resort destination that you’d find in the front of a 1981 Hustler magazine.  Or something.


Edu Imbernon + Los Suruba – Fayer

This was a tricky job that went through several iterations before arriving at its final state.  It was first born as Terminator-noir neon landscape.

I really love those mannequin aerobicizers.  Look for them to make their own Terminator-esque return in a different campaign.

But that look didn’t make the cut, and it was decided an architectural look would be more interesting, particularly one wherein “FAYER” was spelled out in the fenestration of a building.  I drew a very official looking sketch so I could charge the client more money.

Just kidding.  But after a few tries…

…the fenestration trick hit its groove.  (Using ‘fenestration’, by the way, is also very official, and is probably a good excuse to charge more money.  Kidding again.)

The release is out now, so give it a listen over at Beatport